Christian Dating & Relationship Coaching with Lea

Thank you for your interest in coaching privately with me. I’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world to get to a place of total clarity and confidence in creating healthy relationships in their lives. I would love to give you the same guidance and show you how having the right energy is the key to attracting a quality, marriage-minded mate. If you're ready to enhance the laws of attraction in your life, you're in the right place.

Private Coaching w/  Lea Barnard

My approach is spiritual and no nonsense. I’m not going to offer you gimmicks, tricks, or fake strategies. Because God has already created a fool proof plan with simple steps to having lasting and healthy connections in any relationship. All that I ask is that you commit with an open mind and faith that something bigger than me will offer healing, solutions, and fulfilling relationships in your life. With me, you get something far more lasting and rewarding than a relationship with someone. You will gain spiritual growth and stronger sense of Self.

My coaching approach dives deep into the reasons you’ve arrived at where you are in your life today, and explores what’s needed to help you achieve your most important personal goals and dreams. What do you ultimately want out of a relationship, and how do you get it? Working together, we’ll replace all the myths and confusion about dating with a refreshing clarity and new found confidence, and you’ll become your most authentic self. This transformation will make you better prepared for the right person to approach you, court you, and ultimately love and cherish you.

With me supporting you on your journey, you’ll learn the foundation of what I know – how to attract successful relationships into your life and create meaningful connections. I’ve done this for so many, and I can do it for you.  I know what works. And yes, I’m a happily married woman. Who better to mentor you in your personal and relationship goals?

With Me You’ll Learn How To:

  • Be more confident and in control of your love life
  • Become more open and create emotionally rewarding connections
  • Attract a marriage minded mate
  • Heal from past relationships and family wounds
  • Change patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back
  • Avoid people that aren’t right for you
  • Understand the higher calling for your life
  • Enhance your blessings through prayer and meditation

We’re ready to work together if:

  • You’re able to commit to a 3-month process and giving it your all
  • You’re smart & capable, but know you need a shift in your perspective
  • You’re ready to make a serious investment in yourself
  • You’re open to feedback and accountability
  • You’re ready to build your dating foundation and prepare for future love
  • You’re patient with yourself and the process
  • If you’re serious about making a significant shift in your relationships and personal life

Check out the coaching options below and let’s get you started on your journey!



  • Relationship Coaching   
  • Teen Mentoring
  • Christian Life Coaching
  • Marriage Counseling/ Couples 
  • Date Coaching 


  • Church Events
  • Retreats
  • Ladies Day 
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Host/MC Parties and Events
  • Corporate Workshop Facilitator: specializes on topics such as productivity, customer service, vulnerability, retention, sensitivity training and family/work balance.