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“I’ve known Lea Barnard for the past four years. We became acquainted as members of the same church, but “connected” because of her bright spirit, passion for working with young women and girls, and her desire to serve. As a Clinician, I truly appreciate the work Lea does as a Life Coach and Mentor. Within our organization alone, she has taught classes, led groups, presented at conferences, and modeled healthy self-esteem and confidence. I have rarely seen her without a group of young women surrounding her, seeking her counsel. Lea has a natural ability to put others at ease and is genuine and honest with her feedback. I wholeheartedly recommend Lea as a Life Coach and Mentor. She is a master of her craft and models the type of character that gives her great credibility with her audience.”  -Ingrid N. Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW- Sr. Care Mgr at Magellan Behavioral Health

“It was a pleasure working with Lea for 2 years as a coordinator and enjoyed her in-depth knowledge around relationships. Lea has shown her ability to be engaged with individuals, as well as groups, sharing valuable information. Lea's leadership skills and kind heart will always be known in whatever she do.” -Louis Johnson- Assistant Store Manager at Sears Holdings Corporation

“I highly recommend Lea Barnard as a professional and knowledgeable Relationship and Life Coach. I find Lea to be a delightful person of good character and great integrity. Lea is personable; yet she exercises great observation, judgment and tact with regard to her coaching style and approach. I can comfortably share my innermost thoughts with her. Her recommendations are clear and defined. She is effective in her process, and I have taken her coaching techniques and applied them to many of my life's experiences with amazingly wonderful results.” -Harriet P. Thibeaux- Realtor / Acquisitions Specialist

“Lea is dedicated to promoting Christian values and principles in relationships. Her work as a program coordinator for the Singles Outreach Ministry and a teacher of girls in our Youth Ministry was exemplary and brought tremendous benefited to our church.” -Michael A. Jones- Financial and Administrative Services Professional with Information Management Experience

“Lea is a Christian woman who seeks God first and consults and/or counsels based on God's word. Her work is second to none because of her level of concern for others and her ability to be selfless. As a fellow counselor, I have looked to Lea for counsel and she has always made herself available (despite her busy schedule. Her counsel has helped my relationships blossom and has taught me skills I will need in my own practice.” -Keisha Hines-Family Advocate at KES Inc.

“My wife and I were at a crossroads in our relationship while we were dating. We wanted to meet each other’s needs but we had a hard time seeing exactly what need to meet. Lea Barnard gave us very wise counsel and opened our eyes to much needed solutions. One hour turned into a great start in our marriage and a lot of understand on both sides.” -Justin Hines-Scorepad

“I had the pleasure of attending Campcreek Church of Christ with Lea in Atlanta, GA. Lea has an innate, God-giving ability to build relationships with others. She is incredibly talented when it comes to building relationships with teens. My girls loved her and described her as a "real mentor" and a teacher who they found to be relatable, creative and passionate. It is without hesitation that I recommend and commend the work of "Lea Barnard".” -Llana Sharpe-Hunter-Account Executive at Mainfreight

“How Blessed Am I?!... To have an Encouraged, Honorable, Compassionate, Loyal, Loving, Sister, God Sent Best Friend For Life! At times when I made it difficult to be a friend, to be loving, to be compassionate of my own personal circumstance, you never gave up on me, never made me feel inferior, always shared with me the Love that God was intending for me to experience. I thank you for your time & all of which you have given & shared with me. I love you Lea for all of my life! GSBFFL!! ;*)” -Tonya Turner

“Lea Barnard is a woman after God's own heart bringing women knowledge of marriage and how to prepare themselves to be a virtuous wife. She is a wonderful person that listens and truly cares for people. I am thankful to God I met such a remarkable woman. Be blessed Lea Barnard” -Danielle Richardson

“If you haven't attended a "Teach Love" event hosted by Lea Barnard; you do not know what you are missing. This young lady has the ability to truly bless your life with her ministry.” -Sonja Wilson Lawrence

“Sister, friend, teacher, and counselor -- you do it all! I appreciate the blessing you've been to me as well as to others who come in contact with you on a daily basis! May God bless your ministry as you continue to use the "gifts" that He has given you for HIS glory!” -Lana Lockhart

“Hey Lea! Thank you for allowing God to use you to help me, even though at first I was VERY resistant. I am so grateful for whom I have become and I have learned to seek the opportunity for growth in every situation. I love you dearly and am so grateful for your presence in my life!” -Carina Ashurst

“Lea, I want to thank you for being the woman that God would have you to be. Last year when I felt like I was at my lowest, your guidance helped me to step out on faith and trust more in the Lord. You honestly gave me the encouragement that I needed at the time to overcome the obstacles that I had created in my life. Teach Luv has not only transformed me into the person that I am today but has also allowed me to gain you as a great friend. Love you and continue to use your talents to help others :)” -Mona Joseph